Qeparo Village, Saranda, Albania

Qeparo (Greek: Κηπαρό, Kiparo) is a seaside village on the Albanian Riviera in Vlorë County, Albania. It is part of the municipality Himarë. It is divided into two parts – the old and new villages.

In antiquity, the area of Qeparo, like the rest of the Himara region, was inhabited by the Greek tribe of the Chaonians.

In 1720, the villages of Himara, Palasa, Ilias, Vuno, Pilur and Qeparo refused to submit to the Pasha of Delvina.

The village has an Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Demetrius, dated 1760, one of the nine churches in Albania dedicated to that saint. A project for the establishment of a Greek school in the village was initiated by the Greek national benefactors Evangelos and Konstantinos Zappas in 1860. In the 1898-1899 school season three Greek schools were operating in Qeparo: elementary, secondary and a girls’ school with a total of 100 students.